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Hey Hello Everybody and Welcome to the Begumpet Escorts Service, Hello guys what lesson and what is this good now you see on the globe of course you could see many colours here but which is the most prominent colour and slow and that is blue because our Earth is covered 71% by weather in that case we must know the names with different water bodies where does this lesson we learn the names of different water bodies and we are fine now they are the best learning how to use baby names in Begumpet Escort for everyday conversation to my name is Vishal and I am really happy to have you with me stay tuned I promise you lots of fun I want to look at some names for water bodies ok if you don't know that your graphics meaning the world and help you in that I want to remember is this is known as geographical ok ok you say Geography for the subject you don't say geography of Geography usse Geography lesson Have you read this word in your in geography books grade for that matter you may come across this word so angiography Begumpet Escorts is a small area of water in a huge that its alright its usually a friend or Lake right and wrong the family related to find alarm vegetation which is quite natural because whenever we have water will have trees and plants growing in 13 reasons and their animals also have an isolated area in the desert where you find water in you do not drink water in your house in the desert except in the rights of this is an isolated area water in the desert geographical meaning but use uses in Begumpet Escort so Begumpet Escort means of peaceful and calm area in the mist of a lot of keras did you see the discovery of curious and you and you find the square is 4 area you can call you know it's ok if you go to a place which is really care about it.

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This is ok and it's very peaceful sleep it's a Asus vs Innova service fees and sanity in the midst of the chaos list of law of disorder noise and chaos places where when is the most important notes of transportation back and historical days if you don't know now you know that ok next name that we have and this is a coast 16 days announced right now with their names of water bodies what is the coast to coast is the area of land when the land meets the sea Ok so this is the land and here is the sea is called the coast biggest fear the land is meeting with T and it should be beautiful place Begumpet Escorts Service is also called the beach and we all love being on the beach or we all have been on the coast can you use host in Begumpet Escort that's the challenge so costly something without any trouble so you have something without making any effort so what happens you know that the younger kids I am in your selling they have to work very hard in school write the all your notes happens with me my sister cost to school with Type grades while I was struggling to hear it means that she has through school without any problem in Begumpet Escort it means without struggle do you know where do you get Oreo Chocolate from it comes from I was caused in Africa that the place was 31% was chocolate is made the correct that where you get cocoa Beans from which is the basic ingredients to make chocolate do you know it now Select Begumpet Escort, I will cost ok that we have to the day and night is an island you must have heard about the word this name is an area of land ok in the mist of see it's a small area of land in the middle of the sea and its not connected to any continent it's not connected to any other parallel and its just there in the middle of the sea and it's very beautiful to be on the island trust me plan pardesi do you know when I was 6 people only on an island and if you are one of them watching my video and i o n then give me with me in the corner exactly where are you watching club ok at this Escort Service.

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I can use this name in Begumpet Escort is well all I should just like this I am also means a place of these or place which is very come in the in the Mr falora IOS and from this meaning we have a word called as call achha Sakal oK what is it traffic Island did you see that the words their owners intersecting and is a traffic on the world's most of the times and other people who want to cross the road by working on it right the hell did you do that will do the wait until the traffic passage by this purpose in many Countries there traffic islands ok which look something like this in the middle of you know the roads there right there in the middle of the worlds its height platform with people can stand and wait until the traffic has passed for this is traffic island for you and next time when you are struggling to cross the road you know where to wait you must wait at the traffic Island next word that at Begumpet Escorts Girls, we have sober days again a water body is a write a draught for you coming in the water ok this is water land which is coming in the weather symbol and is actually going inside the water the course is going inside the water and it is covering it by three sides for write the water is covered by three sides on three sides by water land is covered on three sides by land this is not a base and the world's most beautiful way is wine glass day you can see for yourself a wine glass day look like it looks as a drive you you feel love line class can we use it in Begumpet Escort write Begumpet Escort bay leaves a mad space.

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Where specific activities done it say that the truck who's in the loading Bay which means the area where the truck would be loaded with material and straw and stuff that is supposed to carry map space bharat particular activity which is to keep someone at Bay not keep someone at base to keep them and distance from yourself right to keep someone at a distance this means that you wanna see them at day which is at distance is it girls so ago it's nothing very challenging are very difficult to understand geographically reserve marriage day some girls is a large weigh nothing quite difficult to understand goes to talk about a large distance or a large cap between opinions and let's say that the rich and the poor people in the society have a great girls in their ideas which means a great clap big Begumpet Escorts Agency is a great gap we have anything related to it which is best girls means to finish that gap between two communities or do you know please say the place plan can bridge the girls between two countries which means that it can bridge the gap between two countries spring is actually in geography is like water coming out of rocks OK Google from rocks something else is Spring can be used during has to be careful with her friends spring is a season as a noun write from between winters and summers when with their beautiful flowers are they going to string to talk about someone suddenly appearing in the same walking and I just entered the room and you see that sitting right opposite you and you were possibly reading books I didn't hear tension springs I will see you with me that where did you come from Begumpet.

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I didn't see you swing in the step which means a person who is very excited of very happy will have a string in his step the next word which is delta delta is this is geography also its this is the shape that this river forms when it meets the sea the sea it considered which is this triangular shape and Begumpet Escort is my very hard to understand this is Delta is the first letter of the Greek alphabet alpha beta what you said this is a very important word language can you hear it very awesome graphically it means that water is entering into the sea from a high area of Grand into the river from grand Hira ground into the weather but in Begumpet Escort watershed means an important period affair life like the turning point turning point swag. Marry someone you change your career secret say that Begumpet Escort Ladies was the watershed your in her life because she changed your career and she remarried ok to have use this word I have a last two words from geography and the first one is it channel do you know Cortana versus Google channel so any area of river that can a liar ships to pass through so when a ship can pass through any area of river that's called the water channel but in Begumpet Escort how to communicate with someone should channel can be used to communicate used it can be used wife for money by saying that complaints should be made through Begumpet Escorts, the correct channel which means the correct route of the correct way to communicate to channel actually me route please route to communicate the last one that we have today is an Iceberg Iceberg is actually a part of glacier ok that is floating in the water which is the formation of ice which is floating in the sea as what you see this very little but what you see under the Iceberg what you can see is really miss you use this to say tip of the Iceberg the internet is so west and what you find out the search engines is just dictate the Iceberg do you actually research you thanks so much detail information on the Internet great this week come to an end is today's lesson and I will come back to you with more geographical term that you can use thank you so much I hope you have lots of fun.

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