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Hey Hello every one and Welcome to the Hi Tech City Escort Services, If you are seriously looking for the some one there you can find Independent Call Girls in Hi Tech City, Her we are serve you the Top Class service they are Independent live her life, Hi Tech City Escort this is trying to go away and give you the doll is really know your own to hit your head out what when someone to protect themselves from getting the head I have a lot of other expressions in English that we used to want people from getting hurt with Female Escort Hi Tech City and this is really important to learn with you know this you can save people from getting hurt touching my name is Vishal and expressions first one week high for this is one of the most common way to tell people to be careful so that you can tell them be careful with glass it's very pretty in your hand at Hi Tech City Escorts and foot drop down in a break if you don't need to break the somebody be careful with glass is released this is a very genuine way of learning someone general the class which has to be you can also say care from which is also a very general way of running someone to say be careful with other Hi Tech City Female Escort, what you wish you had said this is also a very have you ever seen this word is written on words with all dogs around it is short for the ok means sweet someone is asking you to be alert ok facebook cause something dangerous is nearby and Vivo is usually within over both when there are lot of dogs near by and you know you are asked to be careful this is a way to when someone when there are dogs around everywhere there that's that street so used as a wooden sign I want someone is short for the villain ok this will look at the next one take care.

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I'll miss you take care be safe say this to samdari who is going on a journey is going on a journey you tell them take care come back soon to take care is used for someone who is going on a journey this is actually learning in a way that you ask them to be safe it's a sweet and gentle and polite warning or request what's going on a journey with Hi Tech City Escort Girl means hi Sunil how are you go with me sad just only very tell if your driving then don't sleep at night how are you go and come back soon this is also used for someone who is going on a journey this is obviously is triangle version electric hair is very gentle and soft you when you smile how you go with the person select on Hi Tech City Escorts Service, who has had a history of a lot of Mr surface is called mysterious are the My Heart Will Go don't you know this handle something to be careful on the joining two man how are you go ok now what does we look at the next one year old having look at my have you go and mind means to be careful of something 9th when there is something of immediate danger let's say that you are walking and this is lamp hanging and your walking and you could just a mosquito have that lesson in your working.

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If you don't to down you hit your head and the doorway then tell you mind your head on the door which means be careful don't hurt your head so nice something dangerous near something the next plan is magnitude strong version of telling someone to not do something for example someone is having a crush on you have your beautiful horse head down there in your really afraid that person my to split to close to that person so a informal wait some time with him tomorrow is really would should try not to say to someone at other Hi Tech City Female Escort, you know you don't know very well you can just tell someone mind you to your friend you can say my you don't know that you are wearing them and your morning someone who is really close to you nX strong and route we have more expression for warning people this man of the next one is that has you see that someone is in danger to someone is walking and their cause coming with you standing behind them what you like else and their cause coming today is coming warning them to get them at Hi Tech City Escorts Agency, it danger danger dash is used new someone does a fire coming so you can also say other look have over WhatsApp watch yourself ok with Female Escort in Hi Tech City, I am to be careful for themselves like your do you know for the world's happiest days all having common direction something dangerous coming and you want them to take responsibility for example some place and you know that there is Broken Glass on the ground to take care of yourself this Broken Glass everywhere to take responsibility.

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I am already told you that it means does Broken Glass everywhere next IAS easy does it ok this one is actually used when you feel that someone is trying to let something heavy for example very heavy table or very heavy budget and you feel that they might just read other mind just for today you went to be careful and that when we use it is a easy dress with this is a very heavy classes that will it take to lift it carefully you my just hold yourself when someone is missing something heavy way of saying easy David and that is the term study is this more than how do you spend time with Hi Tech City Female Escort which is very heavy and that was really fast to them study is it go slow ok easy does on Hi Tech City Escorts Girl, it can also be replaced by the word study which is s t u d y study image go slow ok from the we have is you can't be together with this one is used when you feel that a person is beating themselves in some rest and you are suggesting that please don't take the risk going out for a walk at night and it's all that there are no street lights you tell then he told you coming to care for you know which means don't don't ask we have another way of saying you can be too careful and Paris maxwell to be saved in the soil leader Sigra say hi to talk with you very safe than sorry ok so we have so many different ways to want people and you can I ask you something different situations as I am giving you know what is examples already so thank you so much to sing with me and come back from all lessons then you take care bye bye.

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